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Ice in Flat Splinters

Flake Ice


General Features

The EUROICE SC machines provide flat, cold, and dry ice flakes.

The ice has a very pleasant appearance, in flat flakes that slip over each other and with a great amount of cooling capacity for a long time.
Its applications are very diverse: fishing industry, seaports, fish markets and wholesalers, supermarkets, fish shops, cold cut and meat industries,
bakeries, pastry shops, vegetable distribution, construction...
EUROICE SC machines are compact, generator and condensing unit in the same bedplate, to only correctly place, plug it in and begin to make ice.
The generator can be supplied on one bedplate and the condensing unit on another to be connected remotely.




Technical Features / Operating Limits

Ice Flat, very cold, and dry ice in flakes, with an average of -7ºC with a thickness of about 1.5 mm.
Vertical Cylindrical
Vertical cylindrical evaporator made of steel and insulation to prevent yield losses. The inner face is nichel plated.
A free rotating inner spindle cuts the thin layer of ice formed on the evaporator wall.
Ecological 100% of the water is used to produce ice. The non-frozen water is collected and recirculated back to the beginning of the distribution.
Range Air Temperature:   5 – 40 ºC
Water Temperature:   5 – 35 ºC
Pressure:   0,7 – 6 bar
Production Capacity Kg/24h at ambient temperature 15ºC, Water temperature 10ºC
Components included All of the necessary components in the machine so that upon connection it produces ice.
Optional Acessories Brine pump, ice chutes, external stop switch ON/OFF. Not initially included in the machine.
Certification ISO 9001, CE
Technical Characteristics Refrigerant R404
Temperature of evaporation -22ºC
Water Inlet 3/4” Gas
Triphasic 380V/50-60Hz.


Installation Scheme / mm.


Model Production
Kg. / Day
Maximum Power
Input W.
Ø Ice Exit

Dimensions mm.
Net Weight
EUROICE SC 400 400 1600 326 1100 x 700 x 760 180
EUROICE SC 600 600 3300 326 1250 x 750 x 835 200
EUROICE SC 1TN 1000 3400 480 1495 x 1108 x 1611 331
EUROICE SC 1.5TN 1500 6640 480 1495 x 1613 x 1589 508
EUROICE SC 2TN 2000 7500 480 1495 x 1613 x 1589 513
EUROICE SC 3TN 3000 10500 480 2600 x 1150 x 1480 550
EUROICE SC 5TN 5000 20000 900 3705 x 1210 x 1465 1341
EUROICE SC 10TN 10000 32000 900 5575 x 1300 x 1920 1950