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In EUROICE we strive each day to add to our range of ice-makers as one of our goals is to provide the customer all types of possibilities and adapt to the needs of every market.
This is why EUROICE now has a new range of undercounter ice makers.
EUROICE's new FD HD 60/90/110/140 opens up a whole range of possibilities for your business.
It is an undercounter ice maker designed for large volumes of ice consumption on your premises and for keeping up with the demanding pace of food service operators.
For this reason our company has opted for a model of ice maker that can meet the high demand for ice in the modern and efficient fast-food industry
The new FDHD produces perfect die-shaped and half die-shaped ice cubes that quickly chill any type of drink.


SS400 and the BIN 500
The combination of the SS 400 machine and BIN 500 is an excellent option for those seeking energy efficiency and high production rates.
It is a new bin and machine pairing that EUROICE offers its customers to meet a specific need: produce and store large amounts of ice at the lowest possible cost.
The SS 400 machine has a production capacity of 380 kg a day and produces 22 gr or 34 gr ice cubes. Its electric energy consumption is also one of the lowest in the market. Indeed, EUROICE can state that it consumes 14% to 24% less than that of its direct competitors.
It is therefore a machine that helps achieve considerable savings in monthly electricity bills without renouncing high production volumes, which can be stored in our BIN 500.
The BIN 500 allows you to have an abundant stock of up to 500 kg of ice and to resolve ice shortage problems.
Its avant-garde and innovative design features a sound damping system and ergonomic door. It also includes the “Hygienic Clean System”, designed with rounded corners for easier cleaning.
Finally, it has a polyurethane-insulated system with a density of 40 kg per cubic metre.



In EUROICE we now have a new ice dispenser for the FD/HD 215 or 410 machine.
Our dispenser is designed for hotels, lobbies, corridors or buffets anywhere in the world that opt for convenience and want to provide a quality ice production service at any time.
The EUROICE dispenser has a stock storage capacity of 83 kg and works perfectly with FD/HD machines that produce 220 kg/410 kg die-shaped or half die-shaped ice cubes a day.
Ice always available directly into a glass, jar or icebox!!